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ARM Development Kit

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       The LPC2148 ARM Header Board is a Low Cost Board that can be used to quickly evaluate and demonstrate the capabilities of  NXP LPC2148 microcontroller. The Header board is designed as  DIP package with access to all Port pins for external connection.The LPC2148 ARM Header Board consists all basic components required to function the microcontroller. The board is populated with  voltage regulators ,RTC crystal ,Main Crystal and necessary de-coupling  capacitors. Simply give 5V to the header , it will starts to execute your code!

LPC2148 ARM Header Board  Features
• Easy to use DIP Package
• Includes NXP LPC2148 Microcontroller with onchip USB Peripheral
• On Board Power LED Indicator
• On Board JTAG Jumper
• On Board 12 MHz Crystal Oscillator
• On Board 32.768 KHz Crystal for RTC
• On Board 3.3V Regulator
• On Board Power Supply de-Coupling Capacitors
• All Port Pins available at Berge Strip